What is the MillionDollarHomepage?

According to Wikipedia, "The Million Dollar Homepage is a website conceived in 2005 by Alex Tew, a student from Wiltshire, England, to raise money for his university education. The home page consisted of a million pixels arranged in a 1000 × 1000 pixel grid; the image-based links on it were sold for $1 per pixel in 10 × 10 blocks. The purchasers of these pixel blocks provided tiny images to be displayed on them, a URL to which the images were linked, and a slogan to be displayed when hovering a cursor over the link. The aim of the website was to sell all of the pixels in the image, thus generating a million dollars of income for the creator."

What is PixelPirate?

Every day, domains connected to the MillionDollarHomepage expire. Capture the domain, capture the pixels! The PixelPirate value proposition is simple: this is your opportunity to own a piece of Internet History.

What can I do with PixelPirate?

PixelPirate is like Google Maps, but for MillionDollarHomepage Pixels.

Additional data mining enhancements include a detailed analysis of available MillionDollarHomepage Pixels, active MillionDollarHomepage Pixels, and a full / comprehensive list of all known MillionDollarHomepage Pixels.

How many Pixel Blocks are available?


Where can I see up to date statistics on the MillionDollarHomepage?

Up to date status information: /status

How does PixelPirate work?

The PixelPirate stack includes: Machine Learning, Hadoop, JS-XSLT, AWS Cloud, Node

Is there a MillionDollarHomepage API?

Yes! The proprietary PixelPirate MillionDollarHomepage-As-A-Service (MDHPAAS) API is available free for non-commercial, educational, and commercially educational uses. For an enterprise license please contact us for rates.

Are MillionDollarHomepage Pixels the original blockchain?

Several economists have theorized that due to the immutable nature of the MillionDollarHomepage, MillionDollarHomepage Pixels satisfy Schroeder's necessary and sufficient conditions to serve as a basis for a globally distributed network and storage of value.

Because of its incredible and enduring popularity, MillionDollarHomepage Pixels exist not just on MillionDollarHomepage.com, but as a Platonic form, reproducible and recognizable in any media, be it a homepage, t-shirts, songs or sand castles. Once conjured into the Global Consciousness, MillionDollarHomepage cannot be erased or destroyed. Nor can new Pixels ever be created.

Because of this immutability, ubiquity and scarcity, many investors regard MillionDollarHomepage Pixels as an asset class similar to fine art, minus the trouble of moving your painting in and out of Free Trade zone storage. In many ways, Pixel collectors view their holdings as akin to owning a percentage of a Warhol or a Degas.

Is PixelPirate licensed by the SEC?

Prevailing financial headwinds have sent investment firms scouring the world for safe harbors. PixelPirate arbitrages digital assets for adventurous financial managers and institutional investors.

While PixelPirate is not formally licensed by the SEC - the United States Government has yet to recognize MillionDollarHomepage Pixels as an investment grade asset - typically, this works to our clients' advantage. There is currently little to no regulatory oversight over MillionDollarHomepage Pixels.

Are there rumors of mob involvement?

Batten down the hatches! Only the Law of the Sea applies.

While revelations in the Panama Papers suggest that several Russian Oligarchs own a large percentage of the URLs linked through the MillionDollarHomepage, to date, there have been no reports of assault, extortion, vandalism, larceny, burglary, or arson associated with MillionDollarHomepage Pixels.

What can you tell me about SEARCH ENGINE DOMINATION?

Perhaps the most linked-to single page of all time, the MillionDollarHomepage has a nearly perfect page rank across all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo. Internal documents leaked on the Dark Web by "grey hat" hackers revealed Google's internal "Page Rank" score for MillionDollarHomepage, 664 of a possible 666 points.

One doesn't have to be a Search Engine Optimization wizard to know: pages linked from definitive, authoritative sources like the MillionDollarHomepage are given special weight of their own by association. Justly so: websites spent a million dollars in 2005 money ($23 million in 2019) just to participate in the project.

Three whitepapers published by preeminent journals document the incredible value proposition of MillionDollarHomepage Pixels. Like the current of the mighty Mississippi, the SEO backlinking power of the MillionDollarHomepage remains undiminished with time. Research suggests that millions of visitors a year explore the MillionDollarHomepage, including a significant percentage from emerging markets.

Is this project associated with The MillionDollarHomepage?

No. Pirates don't ask permission.

Is PixelPirate just an elaborate scheme to sell emoji domains?

No... well. Maybe?
We use EmojiUrlifier to deliver either emoji or "regular" domains, as appropriate. PixelPirate.club or ☠☠☠☠☠.ws, either way it's cool.
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